Why Search Your Auction ?

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Auction marketing through internet is often the preferred method of sale for most business houses recently. But unfortunately, you need to waste a lot of time finding the right auctions. What if there was a service that could monitor the whole web for e-auctions and alert you with the right auctions from the right companies at the right time?

That is exactly what SYA is all about! Our innovative search algorithm scans and catalogs each of the auction listings when they're published online and if it matches your search criteria (you can enter upto 5 keywords and 5 company names), it will immediately notify you via email saving you a lot of time and money on your next buy!

We help you find exactly what you want

  • SYA monitors the e-auction list published on the internet by Auction houses.
  • Receive a daily email summary with e-auction list matching your search criteria when they are listed.
  • The email listings will also cover information on forthcoming auctions in the next 7 days for the items you are looking for.

Flexible and Competitive

  • Get Real time updates on e-auctions, on the fly.Simply send an email with your search criteria and we will instantly search the e-auction listings and send you the inside details of all relevant lots.
  • Track e-auctions from five of your favorite companies and receive alerts everyday.

Self - manage

  • SYA provides access to our in-house web portal to register and manage your auction preferences.
  • Make changes to your search criteria anytime and updates are posted immediately.

It takes less than 2 minutes of your time to Subscribe which could inturn save over hundreds of hours spent searching the auctions manually. Act now to make SYA as your smart business choice!